Chemistry Reflection 1

What happened/What did I do today?
An overview of the subject and what is to come. Why are are we here? What is it that chemistry teachers do? how is this different to other science and subject teachers.

What was I thinking?
Have I really got what it takes to be an exceptional chemistry teacher? I feel dread at this point? Is my PKN really every going to exist- it feels like an impossibility? I really wonder if I can do this?

What was I feeling?
Confused. Shut down a little.
What did I do?
I felt myself personalizing my interactions with Debbie and other students. When I did not give the “correct” response I imagined it was because I was not a likeable person! Woohoo back to secondary school bingo suddenly I have this perception that my learning is about being liked or not. How do I get over it and there will be student who suffer this as weel. How does a teacher help them or deal with this personality dynamic?

How can I use the sessions to practice the type of behaviour I want to learn?
I need to get a grip. Learning takes time and I might struggle (just like my students) as an adult do I simply get a grip or try to look at the bigger picture. I will see how the PKN excercise help me to focus.

About Sarah

Currently teaching in Collingwood College as a science and outdoor education high school teacher. After a huge 2020 I have decided to change direction and later in the year plan to undertake a coding bootcamp... After training to be a teacher via a Diploma of Education and Masters in Chemistry via thesis on the effects of bushfire on receiving water bodies (Gippsland 2002-2003) at Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne, Australia I have been teaching in Secondary schools in Melbourne including Sophia Mundi Steiner School . I have been an active member of the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA), represented Australia at the world Canoe Polo Championships, am keen on other sports: netball, basketball and road cycling. I am a keen gardener and owner of chickens as well as a German Shorthaired Pointer and mother to four children. Life is busy but I would not have it any other way!
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