Creating a wiki for VCE Biology Reflection

Thu, Oct 15, 2009 One-minute read

I am not sure we managed to pull off what I imagine we could have. Perhaps the timeing and not seeing one another enough but the team big was not working. Personally I found the excercise overwhelming and I did not feel I really pulled together my own understanding of the Unit of study as well as I wanted. Because we had limited form I found myself trying to generate activites which were unique and current. I worry that the biology is too superficial and think they need refining. A wiki in terms of collaboration is a very exciting tool but as there is a limited “need to know” perhaps for the course. I will be interested to see what other groups have created and wonder if my interpretaption is a little different. There is so much on the internet. Exciting but difficult to filter for well developed lessons. Unfortunately my learning was limited during this activity.