Chemistry Reflection 3

Thu, Aug 6, 2009 2-minute read

What did I do today?
Wow what a day a complete contrast to the lat 2 weeks. I learn about water freezing I couldn’t remember why it was in a lattice form- I really can’t remember needing to think about it. I enjoyed the group effort to define the reason why water freezes the way it does. The development of kinesthetic ways to demonstrate the hexagonal formations of ice. why it has a lower density to liquid water. FUN FUN FUN. It felt like the class was style more suited to my learning style preference- visual and verbal. The creative element was exciting too I really do think chemistry is the arty science. Wouldn’t it be great for artist to understand the paint dynamics in terms of chemical concentration as well as visual strength?

Which resolutions, goals or learning wishes does this give rise to?
I think I have finally reached a resolution about my “complex” to the know all in the class (yeap it is all in my head) It is ok to not be a walking text book I might not know the content off my heart but in relearning it and having to address my gaps I can understand what my students might feel like and try to learn a concept with my students in mind.

What was I thinking?
Very positive, feling like I have my chemistry teacher mojo back, but aware that I have a huge learning curve and continuos learning throughout my career. This surprises me- I thought do a dip ed and you are a teacher. I am starting to realise do a dip ed and have the ticket to a lifetime of professional learning. I am gald I realise this now because I feel at ease that I don;t have to have all the answers before I can teach but rather to learn the effective way to understand learning connections and the big picture and then to know how to develop this and help it grow.

What did I do?
Took a second longer to answer. I tried to listen more effectively and not always ask to be first.

How can I use the sessions to practice the type of behaviour I want to learn?
I took longer to listen analyse and then answer and this helpee me to get more out of class. Still a little enthusiastic at times but a little more controlled today.