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I am a post pandemic Melbourne based career changer moving from science education in the world of technology. After a year as a graduate developer with Thoughtworks, I have now moved into a role with Fat Zebra as a junior React developer and am learning something new every day!

Checkout my Blog, Portfolio, Science and Teaching Pages to learn about my coding development and how a professional educator learns a new language and transfers the knowledge of learning principals into a meaningful and inspiring career in tech.

Learning Through Reflection

Using TDD to create a simple rails project framework

Using TDD to create a simple rails project framework TDD for beginners can be a challenge particularly in understanding the logic to create that first test. Using spikes to learn how to create a feature and then write a test can help to support the learning process. Likewise digging around in a functioning environment can also be a great tool to help understand and application and write functional tests. The following instructions step through creating a simple rails blog project with learning to write and using this to drive development the focus.

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Becoming a consultant

Becoming a consultant Last week I started my graduate training with Thoughtworks and next week I really get into the thick of learning when I attend the Thoughtworks University. There are many elements to get my head around join a new company as well as embarking on a significant career change, one of which is understanding and developing my consultancy skills. Over the next six months I am aiming to have more clarity around the folllowing questions:

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Calculating Love

This year I turned 44 in February and in April will celebrate 22 years of marriage! so much love but rather than getting supper excited about love my maths brain instantly realised that at some point this year i would have been married for half my adult life… but which day would I be able to celebrate this milestone? When would my husband also have this day for himself? Hmmm starts to sound like a coding challenge coming on….

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Building out code to execute from a ruby file

Creating code to read in command line arguments I am a very visual learner and need visual feedback when coding to “see” what the code and the data is doing. Using commands such as irb (“interactive Ruby”) in the terminal is a powerful and fast technique that helps to understand the action of a given method, what it returns and how it iteracts with data while RSpec tests really help to build out a complete and robust solution.

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Book Review....

Book Review: Specification by Example Chapter 1. Key benefits So now I have made the move to tech my birthday gift list has opened up to en entire new repertoire. I received Specification by Example for my 44th birthday from my husband and as recommended from one of the senior developers who interviewed me in Febuary. Before I start my graduate position with Thoughtworks I plan to read, review and practice the ideas from this book….

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Welcome Back to Rails Camp

BACK to RAILS Camp 2020 2021 2022 Finally after many covid induced stumbles Rails Camp 2020 2001 2022 is underway, taking place at Woodhouse Activity Centre in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. the majority of participants have “escaped” from the Eastern states to attend this event for Ruby enthusiast. After the mandatory RAT test before registration and upon being given the all clear, participants were able to settle in to the dorm accomadation or set up a tent in the lush bush setting.

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A guide for creating respec tests

Having completed a boot camp and now rebooting my learning with exercism I wanted to start creating my own tests for some “puzzle” ideas I want to develop. On the advise of a senior developer I created a tennis game and use rspec test to help drive this game development. Funny enough this is also a very topical sport to target with the Djokovic saga going on too.. Setting up a rspec test environment: Create folders & implementation file Open a terminal

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Developing BOB

So who is BOB? Bob stands for BUILD OUR BUSINESS and is an app designed to help businesses to find, store and share software business tools ideas. BOB was developed in the last weeks of Le Wagon Boot Camp batch #757 by Le Wagon sudents: Sarah, Yan and Emmanual. Would you like to Explore the app BOB online Click HERE please note for best experience check it out in mobile view!

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When being challenged to combine the content of an array this week I discovered that in ruby we can use a number of methods…. Concatenate Set or Zip.

Week 1 Le Wagon

The first 4 days of code has been a series of huge learning emotions. a complete oscillation of learning emotions. Each day of the boot camp we undertake a lecture that underpins the day’s learning theme. Programing Basics, Flow,Array & Conditional, Iterators & Blocks and Hash & Symbols. After an initial morning lecture we then pair off (randomly chosen by tutors) to work on coding challenges. At the end of the day we have a LIVE CODE session were we code as a group….

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