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I am an enthusiastic and dedicated junior developer with a passion for building high-quality software solutions. With a strong emphasis on teamwork, I thrive in collaborative environments and am adept at fostering open communication to ensure project success. I am proactive in challenging ideas to drive innovation and improve code quality, design, and client satisfaction.

My experience spans a range of technologies, including React, PHP, Ruby, and Drupal, gained through my tenure as a Graduate Developer at Thoughtworks. Over the past year, I have honed my skills further as a Full Stack Engineer at Fat Zebra, specializing in Ruby, React, and GraphQL. This hands-on experience has significantly broadened my technical expertise and equipped me with the tools to deliver effective and efficient solutions.

In addition to my technical proficiency, I possess strong communication and presentation skills, enabling me to effectively convey complex ideas to diverse audiences. I am attuned to various team dynamics and adept at maintaining a positive and productive working environment.

I am excited to leverage my skills and experience to contribute to impactful projects, drive continuous improvement, and deliver value to clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.

My roles have instilled in me a strong sense of accountability and focus on delivering results, even when working independently. However, I am equally adept at collaborating within teams, leveraging each member’s strengths to achieve optimal outcomes.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated proficiency in presenting complex information to diverse audiences, honed through extensive experience in public speaking and delivering presentations. During my Master’s program, I engaged with the wider public through talks and public forums, sharpening my communication skills.

My time as a lab technician at Invetech Research and Development further developed my software expertise. After completing MS Access database courses, I created a database-driven test system exported to third parties globally. In my thesis work, I utilized computer skills for data consolidation, analysis, and research, demonstrating adaptability and proficiency in various technical tasks.

Additionally, my experience managing a research biohazard laboratory underscored my ability to exercise sound judgment in maintaining a safe and efficient working environment. This encompassed adhering to OH&S and ISO 9000 standards, procuring reagents, and managing equipment, showcasing my organizational and managerial capabilities.

Overall, my diverse experiences have equipped me with a comprehensive skill set and the ability to excel in dynamic and demanding environments.


Professional Experience

2023-Current - Full Stack Developer Fat Zebra

Fat Zebra - Payments for today’s internet economy

We’ve modernised payments. With a simple, one-time integration, our payments network opens up a world of opportunity. Businesses large and small use Fat Zebra to accept payments, and manage their businesses online.

Key skills - Growth and Development as a Junior software developer

Proficiency in building clean, maintainable code with a focus on scalability and performance. Actively engaged in refining skills in backend development, including implementing RESTful APIs, managing database interactions with ActiveRecord, and optimizing query performance. Continuously expanding knowledge of frontend technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, to enhance user experiences and interface design. Dedicated to honing testing skills through hands-on experience with Capybara and RSpec, ensuring comprehensive test coverage and reliable codebase. Committed to staying abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies, with a passion for applying new tools and techniques to solve complex challenges. Excited to leverage junior expertise and enthusiasm to contribute to impactful projects and collaborate effectively within cross-functional teams.

2022-2023 - Graduate Developer Thoughtworks

Government Based Client (4 months)

  • React, NodeJS, TDD Jest? React Testing library and Cypress?
  • Strong team player
    • Pairing Champion and running feedback session for the team
    • Inception and working with team to develop a strong techical solution to adapt to an existing backend framework usint a BFF (Backend For Frontends)
    • facilitate daily stand-ups and team retros. Presented at showcases. Practively asked for direction, knew when to persist and when to pull in other expertise.

Internal Project (1 month)

  • Updated internal legacy project to meet security requirments

Client in the Education space (1 month)

  • PHP Drupal


  • Infrastructure training in Terraform and AWS - internal Thoughtworks
    • Design, provision and run 2-tier web applications within a set of Docker containers
    • Deploy/run a Kubernetes cluster in a sandbox environment
  • Thoughtworks University Intensive followed by monthly sessions
    • Pairing practices
    • Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Consultancy Skills
    • Designing thinking & accessability
    • Consulting Skills Course (August 2022)


  • Social Events Organiser: planning and facilitaing onsite and offsight social events for Thoughtworks at the Melbourne office

2010-2021 - Secondary Science and Outdoor Education Teacher

Schools include: Collingwood College, Sophia Mundi and Preshil

  • My understanding of current education models and the curriculum framework in Victoria and Australia gives me a great base to incorporate my own creative ideas into various learning disciplines.

  • I have provided an engaging and yet challenging science classroom for all learner types. My experience as a Steiner teacher combine with the MYP inquiry based education has enabled me to experience a wide spectrum of learning frameworks both of which have many common elements.

  • I have good experience in allowing people to link experiences, emotions and passion around learning the facts of a concept to lead to further learning outcomes. |

  • Curriculum development and teaching science underpinned using the International Baccalaureate MYP inquiry based framework for year 7-10 science. VCE Biology and Chemistry, IB Diploma program curriculum planning for environmental science (ESS).

  • Planned excursions and supported staff on school camps. Worked with colleagues to develop policies such as for academic honesty. Wrote articles for school newsletter to update the community on the science departments current learning focus.

  • Regular use of ICT outside and within the classroom such as google classroom, powerpoint, compass, rubicon and managebac.

2007-2010 Laboratory Technician

2000-2003 Laboratory Research Technician Invetech Vision Systems Australia

2000 Process Chemist Henkel Australia P/L


  • Full Stack Developer Boot Camp Le Wagon 2021
  • Graduate Diploma of Education Monash University 2009
  • Master of Science (Chemistry) Monash University 2008
  • Bachelor of Science Monash University 1999