Coding Projects

Change Notifier

IN DEVELOPMENT Start: May 2022 End: Current
Sarah Alexander [Michael Milewski](

An app that aims to help busy basketball parents be notified of game time changes and have this automatically update in the family google calender


Ruby on Rails



Paused Start: Feb 2022
Sarah Alexander

FAn app for secondary school students studying science to generate printable scientific posters and research posters. The app will also enable student collaboration and for feedback from educators which will help students learn to create science posters and refine their final poster output.

Ruby on Rails


BOB Build Our Business

Finished Start: Dec 2021 End: Dec 2021
Sarah Alexander Yan San Emmanuel Cadot

Le Wagon Boot Camp Final Project. Target: People looking for software to leverage to grow their businesses & complete tasks more efficiently. Pain: Business owners & freelancers spend precious time trying to find the right software to use to complete their next task. Solution: An all-in-one business software Wiki application with relevant software categorised for ease of access. Originality: Rather than scouring blog posts and review sites on search engines, they can access relevant info in one place. Read about the development of BOB here.

Ruby on Rails


Doggy Daycare

Finished Start: Nov 2021 End: Nov 2021
Sarah Alexander Yan San & Emmanuel Cadot

A one week project to great a doggy daycare booking app. Give your dog a friend at home or head out for a play to your local doggy daycare!


Ruby on Rails