MasterChef Chemistry

Mon, Aug 17, 2009 One-minute read

We managed to present a wonderful demonstration of a popular television reality show and incorporate it into chemistry education. I was somewhat frustrated as my voice did not function but it enabled me to listen, a skill I continue to refine. It did feel as if we did provide the audience a polished and dynamic presentation. I feel that this could be a session which could fit nicely into a science class in a school, perhaps with some modifications to fit into the science curriculum. The use of the Venn Diagram helped to consolidate and form some focus for watching the movie.

I loved this opportunity to develop some creativity into chemistry. To this point have felt a little awkward about how to develop creativity into the chemistry classroom. But having the feedback from peers and experienced educators I feel that without a creative outlet for both teacher and student that chemistry will become a chore and not egnite a passion for this wonderful science and expression of the world around us.