Year 8 Chemistry the beginning

Wed, Aug 19, 2009 2-minute read

BANG. My placement begins with a group of restless year 8 students post lunch. I still have little voice but manage to construct a learning environment.

My Reflection post class.

START Slow down and give students time. Too often I was finding that I lack confidence in the educational component of what I had set or said. I need to allow a comment of task to hang for a moment. Perhaps i would be better to read my lesson plan to give myself a STOP moment? I will try this next class.

STOP Self doubting my ability to do an excellent overall job. Too often I worry about the educational components of what we might do and want the entire 50 minutes to concentrated. Students need space to learn too. Stop worrying if it doesn’t seem to be working. Learn from this and do it better next time. Be happy to stop an activity of let it be and see where it goes. Trying to teaching to my supervisor I found at times I was more worried about his analysis of what I was doing ( typical me wanting to be a people pleaser!). I am not here to be a perfect teacher, although I set this high standard for myself, I am here to leanr to refine and develop my teaching style.

SAVE My group management skills were good considering no knowing all the names of students and the history of who is not to sit with who. My passion for science is critical to my enjoyment in this profession and I maintained this in my thoughts during the class.