VCE Chemistry Titration Lesson 1

I flask back to my VCE as I started to describe the equipment used for a titration. Woosh so much new terminology to learn! The students did not respond to my questions. They sat quietly and in doing so I felt myself becoming more and more uncertain of what I was describing to them. It had been so long since I had done a titration myself.

My slideshow helped to structure the class and act as a lesson guide for myself and students

After a brief description the group set off to work towards a pipette and burette license in a “water play” titration prac. It was then that the group started to fire up. I mingled with the students as they set up their burettes and started to ask them questions. It was apparent that with pipette in hand they seemed more confident to answer my probing questions.

“What would happen if we didn’t rinse the burette with the standard solution?”

A open ended question allowed me to determine the more maths thinkers in the room. Some students related back to wanting to know the exact moles, others thought it only to keep everything clean but did not link the stoichometry and others just looked with a blank stare and remarked because that is what the instructions say to do. I also noticed that some students with procedure in hand still wanted a verbal account of what to do next.

The students seem to be a little apprehensive to me the “new” teacher. I set a task to help with the prac we are do the next day. I hope this will ensure students will read the procedure. They all go their license and were really excited. A 17 year old love getting a colorful certificate still!

Supervisor Teachers Remarks:

  • I like the questions in your ppt
  • When writing you equation you did get smaller when finishing it
  • Good to relate titration to River Water Analysis
  • Volume you said two significant places I think you mean to say 2 decimal places
  • Good to remember “filling the void” in the burette
  • Nice the way you highlighted the volume difference when void is not filled
  • Students not familiar with pipette that is why they could not answer your question
  • Conical flask rinsed with water, this point is very important- good moles important
  • Sarah you are doing a great job with the explanation of equipment WELL DONE

Lesson Plan

Date: 24/8/09 Start Time: 1:25 End Time: 2:40

Year Level: Unit 2 Subject: Chemistry

Lesson Subject: Volumetric Analysis

Background Co-educational group. Motivation and maths is not a strength.

Curriculum Overview VCE Unit 2: Area Study 1 • calculations including mass-mass stoichiometry and concentration and volume of solutions;

Learning Objectives Becoming familiar with a burette and titration language and Connection of Volumetric analysis with stoichiometry

Equipment & Resources

Lab equipment for burette play, worksheets, certificates


Teacher Actions

Students Actions




Roll call and Introduction


I have got a problem

On Board: Titration prac overview, worksheets


Titration Overview

Writing Listening and answering questions

Hey what happens when I don’t have all the information



Guiding students

Get familiar with Burette hands on lab component

Why would we need to wash the burette?

What applications would this type of equipment be useful for?

Lab set Up


Worksheet Completion


About Sarah

Currently teaching in Collingwood College as a science and outdoor education high school teacher. After a huge 2020 I have decided to change direction and later in the year plan to undertake a coding bootcamp... After training to be a teacher via a Diploma of Education and Masters in Chemistry via thesis on the effects of bushfire on receiving water bodies (Gippsland 2002-2003) at Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne, Australia I have been teaching in Secondary schools in Melbourne including Sophia Mundi Steiner School . I have been an active member of the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA), represented Australia at the world Canoe Polo Championships, am keen on other sports: netball, basketball and road cycling. I am a keen gardener and owner of chickens as well as a German Shorthaired Pointer and mother to four children. Life is busy but I would not have it any other way!
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