Ok I think I got something

Thu, Sep 24, 2009 2-minute read

A quick ramble …

It’s ok to be unable to capture science for myself as content driven. It is actualy the ideas that science is constantly moving and student only get a captured moment which is stationary. Why do kids love TV because it is constantly evolving. MOVE MOVE MOVE Ao that is what I want to do. Make the connection for students that this is exciting. That is what I get excited and motivated about.


Plus having this “moment” made me realised that the teachers I loved in science were like this. I got the yr 8 science prize in year 8 Why? I wasn’t getting the best marks, I was lazy and didn’t do homework. Why because my teacher was trying to tell me that being enthusiastic and asking lots of questions and thinking beyond the textbook was ok. I am no Einstein but I had and still continue to have a scientific mind and that in inself is something to treasure, be proud of and use in my life. He also told my class that getting A’s was not what science was all about it was the questioning and analysis that mattered most.

Thanks Mr Richardson, 17 years on and I have finally understood why I got that prize and I thank-you for seeing it in me, it allowed me to believe in myself and love science as a less than perfect student