Class 2 finishing work

Sat, Mar 17, 2012 One-minute read


I had a wonderful opportunity to teach Class 2 from Collingwood College. They were completing journal work and main lesson writing work. There was vast range of completion of work and managing a large group of spirited individuals require a high level of patience and direction for myself. Just as teenagers do, seven and eight year olds will test you. I knew the clear requirements students needed to do before moving on with the next piece of work but on numerous occasions I was told certainly that what they had shown me was all they need to do. Staying firm the testing was shorted lived when they realised their teacher  and I had similar expectations of their work.  Having not been in a classroom with this age group on my own before I was slow to read the signs that they needed a change but was saved by the lunchtime bell which was timed perfectly for the session. I need to remember to be more dynamic and not worry about shortening tasks if it means holding the group together in a more harmonious way. Time and more experience will hone these skills.