My turn being a student

Thu, Mar 19, 2009 2-minute read

During my Productive Classroom Lecture we were asked to solve this question:

A brick weighs the same as 4 kg plus half a brick. What does the brick weigh?

I went about solving the question but knew the answer was wrong but could not figure out WHY? Our lecturer asked for a volunteer who did not have the correct answer to come out the front to workout this question- I volunteered.

REFLECTION OF MY EXPERIENCE:I do not remember the specific questions during the process but rather the sense that the questions were directing me to breakup the components of the problem. I was asked to explain what I understood about the question. There was also time for me to think and not a feeling a pressure which meant I did not get flustered and rushed. Interestingly after reviewing the process on the podcast, I now understand that certain questions were asked which I did not respond to. Such as can you represent this question as a diagram? I can’t even remember the word diagram being used and was confused by the question. I felt relieved when it was ok to use symbols. This would suggest that I am not a visualizer and was not going to work this question out visualizing but rather through a mathematic symbolism. Very interesting insight considering that I might be teaching visual learners. I was never made to feel stupid about not understanding a step. I made a mistake at the final step but by giving me time to reflex I was able worked it out by myself. I really felt that I did the teaching for myself and that my lecturer’s questions ordered and glued the process for me as the student. I am so glad I did this as it has given me some valuable insight to process of learning.

My Solution:

$$ B=4+1/2B



2X B/2=4X2

B=8KG $$