Le Wagon Preboot Bootup

Next week I start the boot camp with Le Wagon Melbourne Batch #757 and heading off into a new professional chapter. Today we met with key teachers and coaches who are helping 15 students on this new and exciting journey into the tech world.

It was delightful to hear about the back stories of the other 14 students who are joining me on this course. I was taken with the diversity of life story, geography and reasons to come into coding. There was an enormous level of energy and open-ness to learning permeating throughout the group. Things are looking good!

The group was reminder that underpinning our learning and central to what we are here to do is that


In reminding myself each day of what I have achieved, my unique story and finding joy in the moments of achievement as the central focus is core to the learning ethos. Avoiding the comparisons with others is essential to maintain a healthy learning environment.

I loved that we had this… IT IS YOUR OWN JOURNEY! explicitly highlighted.

I felt a real calm flood through me and some of the worries I have about my precourse learning struggles sidelined. I want to use my blog to reflect, remind and support my own learning and perhaps help those who read this to trust their own learning progression. I aim to ask myself each day ……

graph LR A[ASK MYSELF] -->B(each day) B --> C{to reflect upon my learning} C -->|What did I learn today?| I[L] C -->|What did I get better at?| D[E] C -->|How did I struggle and overcome it?| E[A] C -->|How was it a good thing to struggle?| F[R] C -->|What do I take into my learning tomorrow?| H[N]