Le Wagon Boot Camp

Le Wagon provides an intensive full stack bootcamp.

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Day 1 finally arrives with a series of following the command lane recipe cards to get our computers ready! After a few hours of set up, equalling lot sof waiting for downloads and utilising the teachers knowledge for tricky little bugs we had our first learning session. The afternoon was basically a way to help orientate ourselves in the Le Wagon learning platform-Kitt and practice with some pair program undertaking some very simple Ruby code fixes and learning the art of git!

I worked with another fellow student whom we nutted through a create calculation of a circle in ruby….

Upon completion we needed to have the code pass the test before moving onto another navigate the learning platform styled learning task. An fot th final review time to focus on flip cards testing our knowledge of the command line. #Learning reflection

Learning Outline_todays_learning practice of command line terms comes easier with practice and teaching others. Be patient and don’t worry if it does not all make sense it will tie together later.

Learning List_today_improvements command line term agility

Learning I_got_better_at slowing down my instructions when helping a pair to complete a task.

Learning Outline_stuggle_and_overcoming_it having a formatting rule fail my test, I tried a few things and eventually realised that the error message thrown up form rake actually had the info to fix the problem. So my learning read the error messages better.

Learning Struggling_is_positive_because it work on my problem solving and builds my confidence to help myself.

Learning Tomorrow_I_plan_to ask more questions and try to reach for a few more coding challenges to get me out of my comfort zone.