Week 1 Le Wagon

The first 4 days of code has been a series of huge learning emotions. a complete oscillation of learning emotions. Each day of the boot camp we undertake a lecture that underpins the day’s learning theme. Programing Basics, Flow,Array & Conditional, Iterators & Blocks and Hash & Symbols. After an initial morning lecture we then pair off (randomly chosen by tutors) to work on coding challenges.

At the end of the day we have a LIVE CODE session were we code as a group….

Learning Outline_this weeks_learning practice, multiple exposures and taking break is so important. I would feel as if I suddenly understood a new idea to only have this feeling moments later evaporate as I realised I did not actually really get it!

Learning I_need_to_get_better_at slowing down, trusting the process. It is also really important that I not tell myself that I am “stupid”. Having come from a profession were I have build up a good competency and then suddenly be at a beginner level again is a tough mind battle. I have asked students for years to trust the learning process and yet here I am panicking when I can not learn an idea as fast I I would like.

I am taking a break from coding for Saturday and plan to pair program with my “weekend buddy” Sunday to help consolidate the learning ideas from the week.

Happy Coding!