Becoming a consultant

Becoming a consultant

Last week I started my graduate training with Thoughtworks and next week I really get into the thick of learning when I attend the Thoughtworks University. There are many elements to get my head around join a new company as well as embarking on a significant career change, one of which is understanding and developing my consultancy skills.

Over the next six months I am aiming to have more clarity around the folllowing questions:

  • What is the type of consultant I strive to be?
  • What is it that I am now? Can be?
  • Who is the role model I can work with and strive to be like?

Lots of learning, reflection, reading discussion to develope my new career path to come ….

Article Notes

Two articles that have really resonated and got me off thinking about the questions of what type of consultant I would like to be are Be Like Salt*1 and WAIT: Crucial Consulting Advice*2. The following are notes I have made from the articles to drive my own learning and focus.

Be like salt

Consulting is like a dance of science and art with Science hard skills and Art the soft skills/ Like everything that is done well, Practice is important.

" My point - think of consulting like salt."*1 Work in teams is only half the picture and “By itself, salt is of hardly any use”*1. We need to let the team drive the journey. As a consultant be there but do not do all the work just like salt. “Salt is not visible, but its presence is always felt”*1 When we manage to get to the core issue and be impactful then the balance will be just right. No enough consulting presence then we are not impactful…… “No salt or very little salt will leave the food insipid or inedible” Ultimately we want to make ourselves redundant putting in the energy when needed but know when and were to handover, lean in and pull out when needed to let the team drive itself…. “Too much salt will also leave the food inedible” Not every battle is needing your focus be ready to adapt and change. “Salt cannot be added to everything, e.g. dessert” *1 Mundra, S. (2015, January 21). Be like salt. Thoughtworks Retrieved May 10, 2022, from

WAIT: Crucial Consulting Advice

Do you want to be consulted!? Do you want to have a vist form your in-laws? DO THIS DO THAT I KNOW BEST! " The best consultants will not give advice when they first arrive at a new site, even when begged. They will ask questions and they will listen."*2 As a consultant let my mind stop, wait and think…..

  • why am I talking?
  • Is it true?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is it necessary?
  • If not, let it be left unsaid.

*2 Mundra, S. (2015, January 21). Be like salt. Be Like Salt. Retrieved May 10, 2022, from