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I am a post pandemic Melbourne based career changer moving from science education in the world of technology. I am currenlty working as a graduate developer with Thoughtworks.

Checkout my Blog, Portfolio, Science and Teaching Pages to learn about my coding development and how a professional educator learns a new language and transfers the knowledge of learning principals into a meaningful and inspiring career in tech.

Learning Through Reflection

Putting the form in formatter

After a short break I found my flow a little bumping at the start of the unit- a great reminder that a daily practice is going be hugely benefical for my learning. Today we chomped our way through creating a form gets take the input from the user while chomp simple removes the extra line The method to capitilize was forced to only be applies to the variable answer rather than the variable by simply making it exciting just add a !

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Introduction to Ruby

This module really helped me to my head around variables, methods, comments, strings. Below is a series of screen shots and my notes. I am writing handwritten notes when undertaking all these units- I feel writing down ideas really helps me to process new ideas and the transformation of information definately a learning strategy that has been very successful for me. Next to Come……. Putting the Form in Formatter

A New Professional Chapter

Welcome to coding….. you can do it!! After 10 years of being a secondary school teacher- becoming an outdoor educator, science teacher and teaching through remote schooling Melbourne 2020 I have made a big decision to try something new.. Today my journey begins. After signing up to do Le Wagon Web Development course course starting October 2021, I am required to undertake a number of coding DIY units on codecademy.

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Class 7 Combustion Main Lesson

“From what by fires might is grasped Remains neither earth-bound nor formless flame It vanishes into invisible spheres And rises upward, from whence it first came” GOETHE Main lesson Overview Daily Plans Main Lesson Book Experiment and Demonstrations The Bonfire Candle Study Candle Dictation Demonstration Types of Fire Burning Fuels Some Teacher Theory on Candle Combustion Main lesson Overview AIM: To undertake lots of experiments/demonstrations and have students feel, see hear and smell the outcomes of combustion.

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Main Lesson Combustion Class 7

Fire Fire burns so bright I have spent the last few weeks developing a Combustion main lesson for Class 7. Today was my final chance to get the chemistry lab ready for the lessons to start tomorrow. For the first week I have planned to introduce fire in a number of ways. Students will be asked to develop a pamphlet which could be distributed for community education about a famous chemist and their discovery which is still used in the modern era.

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Potato Maths

In early June I spent an hour with class 1 students planting seed potatoes. Students needed to estimate how many new potatoes would be generated when planting 9 seed potatoes in each large container. Students used stones to create groups to help them determine a total sum. Most students where limited to counting by 1s, 5s and 10s. MY LEARNING I underestimated the time needed to describe and break down the components of the learning activity.

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